How to Eat to Quit Alcohol

How to Eat to Quit Alcohol

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HOW TO EAT TO QUIT ALCOHOL is a holistic nutrition formula that will help guide you to safely balance your body chemistry, reduce cravings, and improve moods...

- Making it easier for you to drink less alcohol.


This one of a kind program was created by Glenda Britton, Registered Holistic Nutritionist and specialist in mental health.


You will learn simple strategies to:

Lower inflammation and support liver function...

Balance blood sugar to manage cravings and stabilize moods...

Boost nutrient status to improve both physical and mental processing...

Improve body chemistry to make it easier to drink less alcohol...

How It Works

Lesson 1 - Make simple shifts in morning routines to start building new healthy(er) habits

Lesson 2 - What and how to eat to manage cravings and mood swings throughout the day

Lesson 3 - Boost nutrients to ensure your brain is producing the chemicals (neurotransmitters) it needs.

Lesson 4 - It's not all in your head - Learn how your gut influences your mental health and what to do about it.

If giving up alcohol is REALLY hard - It's NOT your FAULT!

It could be your body chemistry….