Meditation and nutrition to help quit drinking – Partner Program


WE MEDITATE TO QUIT ALCOHOL is a guided meditation course that offers an easy way to unwind and process out stresses and anxieties that lead many people to drink, by meditation expert and sober coach Rory Kinsella.

HOW TO EAT TO QUIT ALCOHOL is a holistic nutrition formula that will help guide you to safely balance your body chemistry, reduce cravings, and improve moods, by Registered Holistic Nutritionist Glenda Britton.

Watch the videos below to see how the programs work and then try the first meditation below to see for yourself.



We Meditate To Quit Alcohol and How To Eat To Quit Alcohol are offered direct to consumers (see above links for pricing), but we also welcome partnerships with like-minded organisations. We are looking to partner with companies and organisations helping individuals change their relationship with alcohol.

Our affiliate program is simple to use and offers a 20% commission on all sales.

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Find out more about the course below.

How meditation helps people quit more easily


What students learn

- A simple meditation technique to reduce stress 

- A way to calm and control anxieties

- How to deal with thoughts during meditation 

- A way to improve sleep 

- A method for developing moment to moment calm

How it works

- Students receive an email with a link to a streamable or downloadable mp3 audio file

- They listen to a 15 minute recording each day guiding them through a structured meditation course 

They listen anywhere they can sit quietly without being disturbed – you don’t need silence

- Each recording begins and ends with a few minutes of instruction and has around ten minutes of silent meditation in the middle 

How To Eat To Quit Alcohol

What students learn

Simple strategies to:

- Lower inflammation and support liver function...

- Balance blood sugar to manage cravings and stabilize moods...

- Boost nutrient status to improve both physical and mental processing...

- Improve body chemistry to make it easier to drink less alcohol...

How it works

Lesson 1 - Make simple shifts in morning routines to start building new healthy(er) habits

Lesson 2 - What and how to eat to manage cravings and mood swings throughout the day

Lesson 3 - Boost nutrients to ensure your brain is producing the chemicals (neurotransmitters) it needs.

Lesson 4 - It's not all in your head - Learn how your gut influences your mental health and what to do about it.

What people say

Gabrielle, Graduate Student, South Carolina

“After the first meditation I spent the rest of the day feeling calm and relaxed, and slept well for the first time in a while. 

Rory’s voice puts me in a relaxed state almost immediately.”

Tess, PA and mum of three, London

“I loved the course. I don’t know why I haven't been meditating since I was a teenager.

It feels like it was made for me but I expect lots of people think that! I have a constant stream of worries and thoughts and just giving myself the chance to let those thoughts ramble without worrying about them and then refocusing on the mantra has been revolutionary. 

I've been sleeping so much better and when I wake up I’m not in a horrible cycle of negative worries and thoughts. 

The course is brilliant – it's really easy to follow.”


Try the first lesson for yourself

About the teachers


Rory Kinsella

Rory Kinsella is a British-born meditation teacher based in Sydney, Australia, who has been practising and teaching meditation for the last five years. He is a qualified and experienced meditation teacher who has written extensively about his journey from being a heavy drinker to a non-drinking meditation teacher. His writings about meditation have been published around the world and translated into dozens of languages. 

Rory has drawn from ancient traditions and modern scientific understanding to create the WE MEDITATE technique especially for those looking to reduce their anxiety so they can live a full life. He has been featured in many Australian and international media publications and has taught meditation at some of Australia’s largest corporations. His meditations also feature on some of the world’s biggest meditation apps.

How to Eat To Quit Alcohol

Glenda Britton

Glenda is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist based in Toronto, Canada.

She believes:

You can be the boss on your health – are you ready to be guided into a place of self-empowerment?

The more you know, the more you can do. There's no quick fix. Underlying imbalances in the body can contribute to mental health conditions.

Your body is always trying to heal. Let's work with your body's untapped wisdom.

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