Six Steps for Not-Quite Alcoholics – Reviews and Testimonials

Not-Quite Alcoholics

Six Steps for Not-Quite Alcoholics is a guided program to give you the skills, motivation and support to change your relationship with alcohol.

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Read what some of our recent participants have said about it below.

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“Working with Rory has changed my relationship to alcohol forever. I will never return to my old drinking habits.

How do I know this? Because the shifts and changes in my behaviour around alcohol have happened subtly, deeply and profoundly.

This is Rory's brilliance. No lecturing. No blaming. No shaming. Simply very astute, intelligent and sensitive guidance. A very human approach.

Rory gives you the key – meditation – that will help you open the door to a joyous new way to live in the world. This way of living and being in the world simply does not need alcohol like it did before.

Rory has given me a lifelong gift. Meditation and better mental and physical health. I cannot thank him enough.”

Annabel, New York


“I feel almost invincible in that for the first time I have some tools. In addition to helping with the alcohol consumption, meditation has made my life so much calmer… in all ways. I feel like Rory has given us the most profound gift. There’s no physical product you have to buy – you can take this knowledge with you wherever you go. Rory is giving us this free answer and it’s touched me in a profound way. The tool of meditation has never been given to me before.” 

Mollie, Washington


“Meditating twice a day has been phenomenal. I’m getting used to it now. At the beginning it was a chore and I was adding stress around meditating – but now I look forward to it. I love not drinking – I’ve been so calm and life’s been good.” 

John, UK


“Meditation is absolutely the key – it starts from meditation and goes from there. On the whole my day to day life is so much easier. I’m not the same person I was six weeks ago – I’m happy again! I’m allowing myself to be happy again. Thank you for such a fantastic program.” 

Val, Tasmania


“What’s been great about the group and having wonderful buddies is knowing that we’re not alone. I didn’t realise how much I was in my own head. But learning that everyone is having similar experiences is something I’ve found very valuable. When I was doing the meditations two times a day, it was like the mantle was taken off my shoulders – I was much more positive and the drinking wasn’t that important. I feel like this is a toolkit I didn’t know I had. This is a great program, really great – it’s very open, people are accepting and helpful and I’ve learned a lot. Meditation has given me a superpower.” 

Jill, Virginia


“This has been great. I’ve been a bit quiet in the group chat, but I’m taking it all in. The important thing is that we’re all here for one another and supporting one another – and that’s not something we see often in the world today. I need this – thank you, Rory, for putting together this program.” 

Keith, Southern California


“When I meditate, I’m a better person. I’m happier, more accepting and more compassionate. I am grateful of everything around me and more centered. I know how good it is for me. Meditation is my superpower. Joining this course has been life altering for me.” 

Laurie, California


“This course has helped me immensely. The meditation helps ground and centre me. I feel more content and calm with much less desire to drink.” 

Kristina, Illinois


The international aspect of the course is very appealing. Unlike joining a local chapter of AA where you might bump into your pastor and the local grocery clerk whom you see daily, this course gives real anonymity! If all goes to hell, these are people you will never see again nor ever be reminded of your failure!

But it didn’t all go to hell, and to my delight there were real characters with different accents and forms of speech and times of day. All with the same, common desire to drink less. Totally charming and another reason to tune in each week – just to keep up with this cast of characters! A true highlight of 2021.

Anonymous, USA


“I’m amazed that when I get my meditation practice in place, all this other stuff just falls away – the desire to drink, but also being able to limit how much I’m using social media and watching less news. I’m getting so much more done in the evening! I’m so grateful and amazed at how the connection of the group and meditation are having such profound effects.”

Libby, New South Wales


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