Introduction: A new way to relax

Hi there and welcome! Watch this four-minute introduction video before getting started with today’s meditation below. This 31-day learn to meditate course has been designed for beginners and is specifically tailored to helping people cut down or give up drinking. Hope you enjoy it!



1. Diving in

Many people drink to reduce stress and with less stress in your systems you will have less need for that drink at the end of a hard day. This lesson will show you a simple and powerful technique to help start offloading stress. The less stress you have, the more freedom you’ll have when it comes to decision making. We have thousands of thoughts each day and meditation lets us take a break from them by visiting the deepest, stillest part of our minds where we can un-stress and dip into a deep inner well of energising calm. This meditation will lead you through the basics of a mantra practice, using the mantra “aham”, a comforting sound to which you need not attach any meaning and which will let your mind fall into neutral and find silence. While it is written “aham”, it is pronounced more like “ahum”, as you will hear in the recordings.

Find somewhere comfortable to sit with your back supported.

3.5 minute intro, 9.5 minute silent meditation, 2 minute outro, 7mb