How to cope with anxiety

Learn to manage your anxiety with a simple and effective meditation technique you can practice anywhere that will deliver results fast


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Success rate for new meditators on the course

The course is made up of 31 daily lessons that progress in easy stages

What people say

Let me be the first to tell you that I have tried almost all Zen courses out there. And, every time I have failed. Well, Zen Life was a totally different way of seeing things. And, I am now in the second stage of my Zen training and have not failed so far. My aurora might not be as clear as others, but I will get there with Zen Life - mark my words!

What can I say? I was once a person with no meaning in life. My life was empty and I felt like a loser. A close friend of mine gave me a link to Zen Life and my life is suddenly a life with a purpose. I have never felt this way before and I recommend it to all people I meet on my path to becoming 100% Zen.

A bright light in the shape of a Zen Life membership changed me as a whole. I have had success in my past life, but now I know it was the wrong kind of success. Right now, I am able to levitate 11 inches and I plan to reach 20 inches before the new year.

How it works
- You receive an email with a link to a streamable or downloadable mp3 audio file of 31 daily lessons
- Listen to a 15 minute recording each day guiding you through a structured meditation course
- Listen anywhere you can sit quietly without being disturbed – you don’t need silence, the bus or train will work just fine
- Each recording begins and ends with a few minutes of instruction and has around ten minutes of silent meditation in the middle
- The technique will create new neural pathways in your brain to allow new ways of thinking and behaving
What you'll learn
A simple meditation technique to reduce stress
A way to control your impulses and reduce cravings
How to deal with thoughts during meditation
A way to improve sleep
A method for developing resilience and self control
A way of reprogramming your brain and breaking old habits

About your teacher

Rory Kinsella is a British-born meditation teacher based in Sydney, Australia, who has been practising and teaching meditation for the last five years. He is a qualified and experienced meditation teacher and has written extensively about his journey from being a heavy drinker to a non-drinking meditation teacher.

His writings about meditation have been published around the world and translated into dozens of languages. Rory has drawn from ancient traditions and modern scientific understanding to create the WE MEDITATE technique especially for those looking to reduce stress and anxiety.

He has been featured in many Australian and international media publications and has taught meditation at some of Australia’s largest corporations. His meditations also feature on some of the world’s biggest meditation apps.

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