Meditation for hangovers

Had a few too many drinks last night? If so, this meditation will have you feeling better in just a few minutes.There are physical as well as psychological and emotional components to a hangover. We can't help with the physical, but the following meditation will help ease some of the psychological and emotional parts.

Sit somewhere comfortable or lie down and let us clear away some of your worries. 

We often have feelings of shame, guilt and regret when hungover which make us feel worse than we would have done. This meditation will help minimise the suffering aspect of hangovers. Don’t forget to drink lots of water to combat the dehydration! 

Play video below to begin

When the cons of drinking outweigh the pros

I've had some of the most fun times of my life when drinking – so many good times! But I reached a point where the pain of the hangovers started to outweigh the fun of the nights out. 

 I realised I was spending one or even two days a week pretty much wiped out from alcohol. I no longer wanted to waste that much of my life.As well as losing those days to productivity I also realised that the worst I ever felt – worse than being sick – was when I was hungover. And it was all self-inflicted.Added to that, I wasn't enjoying the drinking as much as I used to. 

How meditation can help you quit drinking

After a stressful day or at the end of a hard week I used to drink because my body and mind needed it. I felt stressed or drained and needed a way to unwind. 

 But after I learned to meditate, I realised that over time, I was feeling better and better more of the time and no longer needed drink to change how I was feeling. 

 In fact, rather than making me feel better, with a clearer head from meditation I realised that alcohol was actually making me feel worse. 

 After I became a meditation teacher and saw lots of my students able to naturally change their relationship with alcohol, I knew I wanted to help more people. 

 That's why I designed an online meditation course specifically for people looking to cut down or quit drinking.