Meditation to stop drinking: What's your poison?

Meditation to stop drinking

“What’s your poison?” is not merely a colloquialism. Alcohol is a very powerful poison. Allen Carr 


It’s funny how we have these turns of phrase that have more truth than we commonly realise.


Pure alcohol is a poison that can kill and that our bodies go into overdrive to get rid of when we ingest them.


Professor David Nutt is a leading alcohol expert in the UK.


He says:


"Alcohol is a toxin that kills cells such as microorganisms, which is why we use it to preserve food and sterilise skin, needles etc. Alcohol kills humans too. A dose only four times higher than the drink-driving limit can kill.


"The toxicity of alcohol is worsened because in order for it to be cleared from the body it has to be metabolised to acetaldehyde, an even more toxic substance. Any food or drink contaminated with the amount of acetaldehyde that a unit of alcohol produces would be immediately banned as having an unacceptable health risk."


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