Meditation to stop drinking: How to reframe quitting to make it easier

Meditation to stop drinking: Going alcohol free


You need to stop thinking “I can never ever have another drink”, and start thinking how wonderful it will be when you can stop poisoning yourself.” Allen Carr


One of the problems with conventional approaches to quitting alcohol is that it’s seen as “missing out” or “giving up” something precious.


But when you can see alcohol for what it really is and what it actually does, quitting drinking becomes a much easier proposition.


Rather than “giving up” something special, it becomes about “quitting” something damaging.


Yes, it may have been there in many of my best (if hazy) memories, it wasn’t the irreplaceable ingredient I often thought it was.


Exotic foreign music festivals with your friends are intrinsically fun anyway; weddings and ski trips are fun anyway.


When I saw alcohol in its true colours as the toxic and disagreeable guest that had overstayed its welcome, it was much easier to show it the door.


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