Meditation to stop drinking: How I got ‘high’ through meditation

One of the things I loved about meditating when I discovered it was that it sometimes gave me a mini high.


Not in a euphoric way or like being wasted out of my mind, but clearly an altered state of consciousness.


It felt like my head had been a balled up fist, but as I meditated it loosened its grip.


The more I relaxed and adopted a passive attitude, not minding whether I got it right or not, the greater the feeling grew.


Sometimes I could feel a mild tingling up my neck like the endorphin rushes I got during marathons or just a pleasant fuzziness in my head.


When I later looked at scans of meditators showing increased blood flow to the brain, it was like I was feeling that in the moment.


I’d found a way to tap into my internal pharmacy and give myself natural, manageable doses of experiences I’d looked for externally before.


Listen to me talking about this on the Stone Cold Moderation podcast in the short clip below or you can check out the whole episode.





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