Meditation to stop drinking: Getting over everyday hurdles

An astute physician is lamenting the times… 


“But the present world is a different one. Grief, calamity, and evil cause inner bitterness … there is disobedience and rebellion … Evil influences strike from early morning until late at night … they injure the mind and reduce its intelligence and they also injure the muscles and the flesh.”


This sounds like it was written about today’s situation and all its inherent stresses.


But it actually comes from China over four thousands years ago.


It’s quoted at the beginning of Harvard medical professor Herbert Benson’s groundbreaking 1970s book The Relaxation Response to show that stress has long been part of the human condition.


Technology has no doubt increased its effect in recent times, but humans have been dealing with stressful situations in the same way for millennia – using the fight/flight response.


This treats every bump in the road as a potential life or death situation as we’re built for survival.


But most of us aren’t in life or death situations every day and this reaction can lead to health issues as we have too much adrenaline and and other stress hormones in our systems, which leads to burn out.


What’s the solution? Invoke the relaxation response by meditating each day, ideally twice a day.


You’ll be better able to respond to all those evil influences and avoid any inner bitterness.


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