Alcohol and memory loss: How meditation can help

Meditation to stop drinking: memory loss

"The generally accepted theory on alcohol and memory is that alcohol can prevent memories from passing from the short term memory into the long term memory, and that this is caused not by the degree of drunkenness on any particular occasion, but the accumulation of drinking over time." William Porter – Alcohol Explained


I’ve recently started coaching people one-on-one through the process of quitting alcohol.


A client this week said a key benefit of quitting for her was to improve her memory.


Personally, I’ve found my memory has so much better since I quit drinking – but it wasn’t for the first six months or so.


At the beginning, my memory was shocking – worse even than when I was drinking.


My highly unscientific self-diagnosis was that the machinery of my memory had somehow been held together by alcohol and that without this vital ingredient, the whole edifice had fallen apart.


My GP said it was more likely to have been the vegetarian diet I’d been following without making sure to get all the right nutrients.


Either way, my memory is much better now.


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